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China Taoran Tuff Mesh Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of tuff screen mesh located in North China. With first-class weaving machines and inspection devices, we supply good quality tuff mesh and insect screen for our customers.

Our products fall into two main categories: Tuff mesh series and polyester mesh series. We offer black coated tuff mesh made of aluminum, also black steel tuff mesh and retractable screen mesh. For polyester mesh, we offer fiberglass insect screen, vinyl coated dacron mesh, pet resistant mesh and etc.
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Aluminum Tuff Mesh
Epoxy Coated Tuff Screen
Blacked Coated Aluminum Insect Screen
Black (Steel Mesh) Insect Screen
Heavy Duty Insect Screen
Powder Coated Fiberglass Window Mesh
Vinyl Coated Dacron Mesh
Woven Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Pet Resistant Tuff Mesh
Expanded Metal
Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh
Perforated Mesh
Galvanized Wire
Welded Mesh us

Aluminum Tuff Mesh

Material: Aluminum wire
Weaving: Plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave and twilled Dutch weave.
Wire diameter: 0.41mm and 0.46mm (after black powder coated)
Features: Acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, heat-resisting and wear- resisting



Epoxy Coated Tuff Screen

Epoxy resin coated woven tuff screen mesh can be supplied in the following sizes:
20 by 20 mesh/inch,
20 by 18 mesh/inch,
18 by 18 mesh/inch,
18 by 16 mesh/inch,
18 by 14 mesh/inch,
16 by 16 mesh/inch,
16 by 14 mesh/inch,
14 by 14 mesh/inch etc.

Blacked Coated Aluminum Insect Screen

Blacked coated Aluminum insect screen is used as machinery protection material, also ventilation material receiving signals and preventing insects (flies, mosquitoes, and so on) from entering into the room.

Black (Steel Mesh) Insect Screen

Blacked coated insect screen (Tuff Mesh) is used in preventing insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc) from entering your house.
Characteristics: Perfect flat surface, beautiful finish, equal aperture, and no faults.

Materials: Black powder coated galvanized wire mesh

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