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Powder Coated Fiberglass Window Mesh

We can provide monofilament plastic powder coated Fiberglass Window Screen in foldable and shaping mesh styles. It is flame- retardant, can be folded, offering the features of high strength, small variations, good heat resistance, moisture resistance and a novel appearance.

This new type of window screening mesh has better properties compared with traditional insect proof fabrics of low intensity, no moisture resistance, no acid resistance and higher rate defects. This product can be plain woven mesh with increased permeability and more beautiful appearance. Compared with common black steel insect screening , PET foldable window screening mesh can be foldable and can be produced in different colors.

Variety: Common hexagonal foldable screen, shiny hexagonal foldable screen, colored hexagonal foldable screen, four corners waterproof foldable screen, European style screen, colored foldable screen, etc. Custom products can be made according to customers patterns.
Powder coated fiberglass mesh can be used for insect screening of good quality.

Fiberglass mesh insect screening is well ventilate, easy washing, anticorrosive, resistant to burn, with stable shape, long service life and feels straight.

Uses: Fiberglass mesh screening is widely used for all sorts of airy installation preventing insects and mosquito in construction, orchard, ranch, etc.

Standard Mesh/inch 20×20×18,18×18,18×16,18×14,16×16,16×14,14×14 etc .

tandard Color: Gray, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Gray-White Mix. etc.

Standard Width: 5''--110'


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