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Epoxy Coated Tuff Screen

Epoxy resin coated woven tuff screen mesh can be supplied in the following sizes:
20 by 20 mesh/inch,
20 by 18 mesh/inch,
18 by 18 mesh/inch,
18 by 16 mesh/inch,
18 by 14 mesh/inch,
16 by 16 mesh/inch,
16 by 14 mesh/inch,
14 by 14 mesh/inch etc.

Material: Aluminum
Surface treatment: Epoxy resin coating
Features of black epoxy coated tuff screen:
1) Perfect flat surface, beautiful finish, well-proportioned aperture, and no blemish.
2) Aluminum wire with PVC coating
3) Strong durable mesh
4) Resists damage caused by pets
5) Minimizes outside glare
6) Maintains visibility

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