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Welded mesh is utilized as guards in buildings and factories, as animal enclosure and fence in agriculture; it is also used in horticulture industry as tree guards, plant protection.

XiaoYong Welded Mesh Co supplier of Wire Mesh, Fencing Posts Systems and Animal Cages such as Dog Runs. 

Pls refer to the following inquiries from our customer and get an ideal on the current popular exporting products in the market:

Inquiry for PVC coated wire, PVC coated welded wire, or PVC coated welded wire mesh. This is going to be used on an animal cage. Looking at 1/2" spacing or 1" spacing. Looking for colors other than green. Interested in grey, yellow, red, purple, or black. Again this for a home project. Needing 19 or 16 gauge in either 1" or 1/2" spacing. need it under $20 with shipping.

Requiring for welded wire mesh panels: 10mm thick wire, 88.9mm square opening, panel size 1,219mm x 3,048mm, steel and or galvanized steel.

Seeking a quotation for the supply of welded mesh fence panels: 
The panels are 200 x 50mm.mesh,manufactured from 5mm.wire and galvanised. 
Width is 3.0m.and heights are 1.52,1.81,2.0 & 2.41m. 
Panels incorporate 'V' shape reinforcing folds.

Looking for a quantity of welded wire mesh with the following specs: 
Height: 72"
Pattern: 4" by 4"
Gauge: 10 gauge
Finish: Galvanized ( for outdoor use )

Request a quotation for the following product:

Material: Galvanized Plastic coated wire
Wire Diameter: 1.80 mm
Plastic Coated Diameter: 2.80 mm
Tolerance: ±0.05 mm
Coils: duly wrapped for sea transportation with 4 belts weighing from 600 to 850 Kg

A requriement for rolls of welded pre galvanised wire mesh:
The hot dipped galvanized wire must have a tensile strength of 450 to 50 0 N/mm² and the zinc coated must be from 40 to 50 g/m².
84' x 4' x 4' x 20ft in both 10g and 8g.
Competition is very hard at the moment and I need your very best discount price. 

Looking for a new long-term supplier of high carbon steel wire.

Please see the PDF file and let me know.

Looking to buy some Galvanised welded mesh similar to the enclosed photo below. The spacing is 50mm x 50mm by approx 8mm thick.Must be galvanised, Must be rigid, not flexible. Much appreciated.



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